All I want is a whiteboard I can write on.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Between the constant stream of restless nights and vivid stress dreams induced by my prescribed medications and their side effects, I recently have caught myself thinking of getting a whiteboard.

Yes, a whiteboard.

Some focus on the desk, made of heavy woods, dark stained, carved hundreds of years ago maybe, and perhaps this desk is magical also — maybe some celebrity author wrote a book on it, or maybe a nymph lives in the desk’s wood and offers complimentary tea on a daily basis, or perhaps both are the case — but the desk is significantly special to some, and many see it as the focal point of an office.

But goddamnit! I don’t give a damn about the desk (well, as long as I fit my legs under it, #tallpeopleproblems #longlegs). All I really care about is a whiteboard in my office.

I’m serious! I eventually want a giant whiteboard!

It doesn’t have to be large, at least my FIRST whiteboard doesn’t. Apartment living what it is (especially when living with one’s parents), it would be difficult to fit a classroom-sized whiteboard in a bedroom that’s also the family office AND the pantry AND guestroom when the parents decide to have guests — meaning everything you have has to be easily hideable.

Honestly, the first whiteboard could be the size of your average chessboard or bread box or even a bit smaller, and I’d be fine with it.

While technically not on a whiteboard, having a setup where I could write out loads of thoughts, and then connect them to one another in a more visual way just sounds so amazing to me!!!

Eventually, however, I would like to have a whiteboard large enough I could be like this

←←← #Goals ←←←

That’s right, I’m talking walls to walls level. I want a whiteboard wall in my life! I want a surface where I can draw, write, and create whatever is on my mind —maybe even the occasional to-do list — just a surface that can act as a simple visualization of what I’m working toward.

To further express how serious I am about this, allow me to present a few examples of my desire for a whiteboard:

  • For the last two months, Amazon has been emailing me almost every other day, suggesting I buy whiteboard.
  • I am writing a blog about my desire to have a whiteboard.
  • When I listen to love songs, especially those early 2000 love songs like “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt, I imagine it’s about me and a whiteboard.
  • Speaking of James Blunt, here’s a song I’ve thought relatable, in that, it could be about me and my dream-whiteboard!
  • “ And I’m not tryna find somebody, ’Cause no one else but you will do. Yeah, the real thing is gone, now I wish I could hold you!”

At this point, you might think I’m crazy — both for wanting a whiteboard, and because I unironically have been listening to James Blunt.

“Anchor,” you may think. “How could you reach such a low?”

Well, considering all that’s been said about my living situation, and that all my personal life is basically consolidated onto a tiny 10-inch by 16-inch screen, just the mere idea having something more just sounds amazing.

And perhaps, you’re thinking now, “Well, why not just go a step forward, and buy a larger computer? Or another monitor?

I mean sure, a second screen has its pluses at times, but what I’m seriously just thinking a simple yet large whiteboard is the ideal.

The ideal for me, right now, is a whiteboard.

So . . . yeah, we’ll see how much longer I can hold out until I buy myself a whiteboard!

A Self-Driven Storyteller, Writer, and Artist, with a dream to one day write stories in the game industry.