With the end of the year and decade closing by, I’ve lately wondered what things I wished to accomplish yet ever did.

One of my biggest goals for the last decade has been to write a book. It started with an idea called Magic’s Tyranny, which eventually developed its way…

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m going nowhere.

Physically, mentally, and above all, creatively.

I know I’ve got it easy compared to some. I know I also have it harder in some ways compared to some. …

Hello there, dark abysmal void of the internet. It is yours truly coming back to you again after a long absence (and a promise to make updates on a senior thesis that were never continued).

How have things been?


Not good?

Glad/sorry to hear that!

Me? Yeah, things have…

Anchor T Lund

A Self-Driven Storyteller, Writer, and Artist, with a dream to one day write stories in the game industry.

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